Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Video of Deb on Ben's Roof

Here is a video (From Robin Hollard) of Debs on Ben's roof the weekend before. The Previous go she dropped from the last move and then is all got too hot and sweaty. But thankfully completed the following weekend as you know.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Debs Completes Ben's Roof

On Sunday the 11th of September Deb completed Ben's Roof ((Font 7c+) and for reference she did not use the knee bar method) at Raven Tor  in the Peak District. After only 3 short sessions  and only 10th month after having of baby daughter Jamie.  It was almost done the previous weekend droping the last two moves and then lack of skin and the sun coming out. She had previoulsy tried this before Jamie came along and almost doing it twice at around 3/4 month Pregnant so was please to get this project ticket off and her hardest boulder problem to date. At them momoent we have no video's or photo's but she says she will try and repeat for the video at some point.

Photo of Cave (& Jamie) start right and exit left and up