Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 My Climbing Series

The My Climbing Series has started again

For Full Results see the link below

The next round is at Wolf Mountain on the 31st Oct

For more information check out this like

Monday, June 14, 2010

BRYCS National 2010 Results

This Saturday at EICA Ratho, Scotland saw the National finals. This is a huge event. It's the grand finale of the whole series with 187 competitors took part. The finalists qualified through the regional rounds held in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland during spring time where over 600 young people, a record number, took part.

Some of those competitors regular climb\train at wolf mountain and all entered did incredibly well. There there had work over the winter period of training was all worth it. We had Seven for wolf mountain in the Finals and here are the results from the Midlands Team.

Results for Girls 8-10

Aimee Brookes 176 253 429 5 mid
Charley Allcock 177 220 397 14 mid
Athena Atkinson 177 217 394 15 mid

Results for Boys 8-10

Dominic Vincent 180 284 2 466 1 mid
Alex Norton 180 266 446 3 mid
Sammy Oaks 180 258 438 6 mid

Results for Girls 11-13

Natasha Allcock 180 242 422 6 mid
Alice Killington 176 238 414 13 mid
Carla Lambert 159 192 351 32 mid

Results for Boys 11-13

Thomas Lawson 172 245 417 20 mid
James Sharman 178 238 416 21 mid
George Morris 180 229 409 24 mid

Results for Girls 14-16

Lauren Walker 163 217 380 20 mid
Emily Marsh 165 200 365 24 mid

Results for Boys 14-16

Will Smith 180 221 401 6 mid
Orrin Coley 180 218 398 8 mid
Duncan Fisher 173 187 360 28 mid

For Full result check out here : Full Results

For Full report check out here : Full Report

Monday, May 17, 2010

Boulder wall open

The first part of the bouldering wall is now open.We have set around 25 problem for you all to try.

- grit_monkey

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fontainebleau Boudering Trip

Last week was our annual trip to Fontainebleau for some bouldering fun in the forest. I was feeling week and tired so was expecting much, just a nice break from life and some bouldering with friends.
The weather held all week a part 7pm on the last day when it decided to rain so we could not complain, but we did it has been too warm some days and it meant no climbing on the last. Least it meant we got home a little earlier then normal and 1200 miles later.

Here is mine and Deb's tick this from this trip

Mille Pattes Gorge du Houx 7a
Sa Pelle au Logis Gorge aux chats 7a (Repeat)
Plats de Saision assis Gorge aux chats 7a
Le Jeu du Toit Roche aux Sabots7a (Repeat)
Le Jeu du Toit (Eliminate) Roche aux Sabots7b
Holey Moley Bas Cuvier 7a
Helicoptere Bas Cuvier 7a (Repeat)
Cortomaltese Bas Cuvier 7a (Repeat)
Ah plus Facile Hautes Plaines 7a+
Faux Contact Apremont 7a+
Le Tango Triste Apremont 7a (Repeat)

Mille Pattes Gorge du Houx 7a
Le Jeu du Toit Roche aux Sabots7a
Le Tango Triste Apremont 7a
Lapin ou Carnard Hautes Plaines 7a

Here is a short film of our trip
Here are some more photo's

3RD round of the Midlands Region of the BRYCS

The third and final round of the BRYCS were held at The Tower, Liecester on the 13th of March. This would determine who would go to the final.

The full results can be found here

Well done to every body who took part and well done the following from Wolf Mountain who have got through to the finals

Dominic Vincent
Carla Lambert
George Morris
James Sharman
Lauren Walker
Emily Marsh
Duncan Fisher

The British Final will be held on Saturday 12 June 2010 at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena.

Good luck to everyone

Monday, March 1, 2010

Results - Midlands Region 2nd Round BRYCS

Saturday saw the 2ND round of the Midlands Region of the BRYCS. 47 competitors turned up with all there supporters. It was a really great day with some fantastic efforts from everyone. We even a rep from La Sportiva who loan out boots for us to try, thank you very much. A big thanks also has to go to Mark Croxall and Dani from setting the routes and helping out during the day. Also to Deb and Mark again for demoing the routes.
It was good to see some of Wolf Mountains own team getting places on the podium. We even had some spot prizes and a raffle for a mountain bike.

The Full results are here

Friday, February 19, 2010

Midlands Region 2nd Round BRYCS - Sat 27th Feb

Wolf mountian will be hosting the Midlands Region 2nd Round of BRYCS on Sat 27th Feb.
This will be from 9:30am to 5pm. The Centre will be really busy so it is advised to leave your climbing until after the event has finished, although there will be some routes available to climb. You are also welcome to come and watch.

For More information check the BMC website

Also in readyness for the comp and also it's time for a change , starting the week begin the 22nd Feb the will be route setting going on. So there will be new routes to try (please anyone in the comp do not try any of these).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Finally Some Gritstone Action

Saturday saw some dry and bright but cold weather, perfect weather for gritstone. I jumped at the chance to get outside climbing which I hadn't done since November last year and hadn't been on gritstone since August.
I met up with Joe at Cratciff and Robin Hood Stride in the Peak district do a bit of bouldering. It's a brilliant little venue with whole range of grades from easy to very hard so there is something for everybody.
After warming up on some of the easy problems on the block at the back (check out old video here). We went over to check out Grizzley arete (Fnt 7a) it was all a bit green and knarly. Just left of it was a problem I hadn't tried before which I quickly did. After looking on web I found the problem was The Kid (fnt 7a), nice problem but a little reachy. Joe had a quick play but could not do the sit start move.
Next we moved on to the "crowded " cave area, it seem's everybody had seen the good weather and gone out bouldering. It was ok though lots of mats , beta and spotting. Joe got really close on one of the problems just running out of power on the slopers. I managed to get to the top of a problem though.
Robin on T Crack

Next moved over to have a play on T-Crack ( Fnt 7b+) which I had done a few times before but it is alway good to play on. Joe has been trying this on and off for a while now and hope the cold temp's would help. After picking up some beta from some others boulder's he quickly was getting higher that normal , just needing to sort out the last couple of moves, but they are the hardest ones. Steph and Robin then turn up to play after Steph and ticked Gorilla Warefare at Curbar.I had a few goes and slap the last hold three times. It was getting late , cold and the skin on my fingers was getting thin so I decided to call it a day.

BYCS Midlands - 1st Round

The first round of the BYCS was held on Saturday and the Midlands region were at Birmingham's Creations Climbing wall. As usual wolf sent over a big strong team. They all had a great day and tried the best, which is all we can ask of them.
The was some fine efforts and a few surprises but a a total of 6 from wolf getting in the top 3 place.
It 's only the first round and there's plenty of time for the others to catch so keep training and having fun.
For Full Result check out here

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BMC Talented Climbers

Saturday just gone saw some of our young climbers invited to the BMC 's Talented Climber's National Academy event. It's good to see all there hard work paying off.

To read about what when on and to help put in practice what they were shown check out the link below. We can all learn something from the Fundamental elements of climbing.

BMC 's Talented Climber's National Academy event

It includes videos for warm ups and other exercises.

It is also worth reading through the articles below if you are a parent or coaching young kids

Monday, January 11, 2010

MY Climbing Series SUCCESS

Sunday the 1oth held the 4th round of the MY Climbing Series (First time we have one a competition at the new wall). The day went down as a resounding success and the whole day ran really smoothly , to our relief. They was a larger turn out of 38 kids which was a suprise with all the bad weather we have been having, but good to see.
The kids and there parents all seemed to enjoy the day and there was some great performance's by all who took part.

The Results can been found here

Thanks to all the those who turned and all those people who help us.

Next competitionis the BMC Youth Climbing Series Round 2 27th Feb.

There are now 10 new routes that were use in the comp for you to try ( if you a have not tried them already).

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Climbing Series - WOLF 10th Jan

The MY Climbing Series is being held at Wolf Mountain on the 10th of January form 10am to 5pm. The Centre will be really busy so it is advised to leave your climbing until after the event has finished.

Foe information on the event check out the link below

There will be a some new routes set, so they they will be left up for you to try.