Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Express and Star Video

Express and Star came in last week to film the new centre and have now put the finished video on their site.

Check out their Video on the following link.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bolt Hangers Added

Just to let you know we have now added bolt hangers to lines 14 , 15 , 38 and 39. If you have your own quickdraws you can now lead the route on the lines.

Also I have up loaded a video of Zack Porter making full use of the new Lead wall ( it was a quiet Sunday afternoon). Check it out here

Merry Christmass and A Happy new Year

Monday, December 21, 2009


Thursday December 24th - 10am until 4pm

Friday December 25th - CLOSED

Saturday December 26th - CLOSED

Thursday December 31st - CLOSED

Friday 01st January 2010 - CLOSED

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Route Grades

We now have gone through most of the new routes and the grades have been put on the board. There were a few initial mistakes but I think we have corrected most of them. If you think there is a mistake either tell myself or member of staff and we will check it out.
Please feel free to make any other comments about the routes.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pictures of the new Center

Sorry I had not notice but the link for the photo's of the new wall was not working.

It has been corrected and the photo's are there for you all to see

Monday, December 7, 2009

The New Wolf Mountain is Open

The dead line for opening was for 10am Saturday 5Th December! Come Friday 4Th Dec evening the old wall closed at 6pm and the mad rush to get everything we needed moved to the new wall. The Lower off had to be removed and installed at new wall, the flooring was removed and taken to the new wall and the other stuff harness , helmets , computers the list seemed endless. But everybody got stuck in and just kept going until we had done as much as we could and it was ready for opening. But by now quite a bit of time had gone by, it was about 4:30am as myself and Deb , Andy and Lol, Steve decided were done. We left only Julian, Damian , Rowen , Brian and Mike to finish off.
We got a bit of sleep but we arrive back to the new centre for about 9:45am and there was already quite a few people waiting to get in. The doors opening and it was great to see so many people turn up and try out the new centre. Every body seemed to be enjoying and it all went OK with a steady flow of people through out the the day. We even had time to try the a few of the new route's .
There is still loads more work to do, we now need to start build the dedicated Climbing party room and the bouldering wall and the stamina Tunnel need to be done too. Hopefully there will be some bouldering for early Jan 2010 ready for the kids comp.

Thanks to all the people that came to help and thanks Julian , Damian and Mike for building a great new Center.

Check out the picture's here also check out a short piece of Video Footage here

For more information check out the website

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Route setting is Hard Work

We have not climbed since our Font trip (this will be the 4Th week), the longest I have gone with out climbing for a very long time! We have been hard at work getting the new wall ready for all you guys to play on. The main lead wall and one half is all set ( thanks to Mark Croxall and Danni) with lots of shiny new holds including insitu quick draws.
Myself , Deb, Sie and Jay have been working on the other half and it's nearly ready. There are a total of 50 Line's and we are trying to set at least two routes per line, so there should be plenty to keep you all going.
Remember it opens Sat 5Th Dec (only 3 more days!!) but I am afraid there will be no bouldering until early Jan 2010 (there is a kids comp on 10th Jan, so some bouldering will be ready for then).

So do not forget your ropes and get down and try out all the new routes.

See you all Sat