Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Time as Finally Arrived "Wolf MKII"

Wolf Mountain is moving!

We are pleased to announce that we will be moving premises on Saturday 5th December The new centre boasts a variety of new walls including a 12 metre lead wall! In addition to this, the caving system has been extended and has many new features. The centre also houses an archery range, two themed party rooms, a café and ample viewing areas for thosewho wish to spectate.

Initially there will be no bouldering area,but this will be completed early 2010.

Where we are Wolf Mountain Map

Wolf Mountain Map

Our new address is as follows:
Wolf Mountain
Paget Road
(We are located behind Wolverhampton College)

To complement our programme of activities we now offer mountain biking and archery sessions.
We also have an extremely popular mobile climbing wall that can be hired for events across the UK.

Keep checking the website for more info

Office: 01902 711186 Mobile: 07957 433187 or

Monday, November 9, 2009

Last Climbing trip of the year

We have just arrive back from Fontainebleau our last climbing trip of the year. The week started by traveling down then on saturday and when we got the the weather was good , but being tired from the traveling we thought we would start on Sunday. A mistake that night we had lots of rain and even when it wasn't raining ever thing was still wet from the humid and foggy conditions.

The first dry spell was on Tuesday so we headed off to Gorge aux Châts as we new it dried quickly. Deb and Lance wanted to try Rubis sur l'Ongle and Lou wanted to try Sa Pelle au Logis, and I had no idea what to get on. First I should them a problem I had done last time we were there Opéra Tchétchène raccourci 7a. I repeated this to show them what to do and Lance followed after a few more goes. Deb almost finished this but fell off the final mantle move as being shorter she could reach the better hold. Lou was doing really well and then it began rain. In between their goes I started to try La Tour d'Ivoire 7c a cool looking sit start overhanging arete (after getting the beta off Tom), it felt hard but doable We tried to cover the holds but the rain just got worse game over for the rest of the day.
Wednesday morning was clear and bright so we head back to Gorge aux Châts, Deb did really well Rubis sur l'Ongle 7b+ ,but being only the short could get into and hold the move but could not reach the next hold, we could not work out a better sequence so she could reach. Lance tried and struggled to reach Debs high point. I had a quick play and surprise myself and got to the ruby hold but then fell off. I had a few more goes on La Tour d'Ivoire and almost got the move to the good hold.
The weather was still good so we head over to Bas Cuvier for the afternoon. I needed to go back a finish off the problem I was on as I left early this year. The right hand sit start to L'Aérodynamite 7b+ (7c) , but found out the actual problem I was trying was Aérosol 7b+. Still a good problem and some nice move. After quickly working out the starting moves I then managed to work out the top move. A quick rest and the first new tick of the trip was in the bag. Lance and Deb had a quick play and did really well but did not quite manage it. Lance had also been trying L'Angle Incarné 7b and was doing well but not quite manging to stand up but it was in the sun so decided to leave it for now. I had a few goes on it and it felt like it would go but got tired too.
By now Deb was rested after her power nap and ready for a go on Le Carnage assis 7c , she had done the standing version (7b+) before and wanted to do the sit version. After few goes to remember the sequence the was soon getting really high and just slipped off a move before the big boss. By now it had started getting dark so we headed back to the gite.
Thursday was another wash out day , with everything being wet.
Friday came with a slow start no rain but it all needed time to dry out , but by lunch it Bas Cuvier. We all started by doing the usual warm ups by La Marie-Rose, this was great it was day the sun was even out for a while this is what font is all about. We then all head for our projects , me and Lance wanted to get back on L'Angle Incarné and Deb on Le Carnage assis 7c.
Lance was struggle with this problem again and getting frustrated and after a number of goes gave in and went to repeat La Joker 7a, which he did twice. I struck with and finally after quite a few goes managed to pull it out of the bag and top out. We then then moved back over to the Carnage boulder for Deb to try again and we were joined by Giuseppe (an great Italian guy , who lived in Switerland) who we had meet earlier in the week. The temperatures were good and the rock felt good. Deb was doing great and but just kept slipping off before the finally move, which was a real shame as she was making the start look so easy. I joined in with Giuseppe and another young french guy on La Bérézina (L'Abbé Résina) 7c. I wanted to try Bérézina-Carnage 7c+ but I needed to repeated the start La Bérézina first. Buy now it was pitch black and I had a head touch on the french guy had a big torch but Giuseppe saved the day with the most power full Head Torch I had ever seen, it lit up the whole boulder so we could carry on. The french guy soon managed to do Bérézina-Carnage and I got really close a couple of times but just slipped off. Deb got close to Le Carnage assis 7c too but we were to tired and it was late so we called it a night.

Check out the Video here