Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BMC Talented Climbers

Saturday just gone saw some of our young climbers invited to the BMC 's Talented Climber's National Academy event. It's good to see all there hard work paying off.

To read about what when on and to help put in practice what they were shown check out the link below. We can all learn something from the Fundamental elements of climbing.

BMC 's Talented Climber's National Academy event

It includes videos for warm ups and other exercises.

It is also worth reading through the articles below if you are a parent or coaching young kids



Monday, January 11, 2010

MY Climbing Series SUCCESS

Sunday the 1oth held the 4th round of the MY Climbing Series (First time we have one a competition at the new wall). The day went down as a resounding success and the whole day ran really smoothly , to our relief. They was a larger turn out of 38 kids which was a suprise with all the bad weather we have been having, but good to see.
The kids and there parents all seemed to enjoy the day and there was some great performance's by all who took part.

The Results can been found here

Thanks to all the those who turned and all those people who help us.

Next competitionis the BMC Youth Climbing Series Round 2 27th Feb.

There are now 10 new routes that were use in the comp for you to try ( if you a have not tried them already).

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Climbing Series - WOLF 10th Jan

The MY Climbing Series is being held at Wolf Mountain on the 10th of January form 10am to 5pm. The Centre will be really busy so it is advised to leave your climbing until after the event has finished.

Foe information on the event check out the link below


There will be a some new routes set, so they they will be left up for you to try.