Monday, July 25, 2011

1st f7c for Duncan

This Sunday just gone all the hard effort Duncan as put into his training finally paid off. He Repointed Little Weed (f7c) at Llanymymech.
Considering his has not climbing out side that much, a day in Font and a few trips to the Peak. Earlier this year this he managed to Repoint Rubicon(7a+) Wall at Water-Cum-Jolly after two session (one a long time ago) on the first repoint and now to have done f7c after I think 2 session (of which very nearly did in his 1st session) and all this at the age of 15. It all went down with out a fuss with a quick warm on Sheila's Route and then quick tope rope to remember moves with a few links working top down and then a rest and it was done of the 1st repoint of the day.(Just in time to rush off to a BBQ and Slacklining party cheers Steve and Maggy)

Check out the Video here

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photo's of Comp for Sale

Take a look at the photo's from the Youth Final, where you can purchase a copy for yourself

Thanks to Jonathan